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It's retailing made easy
Selling online is daunting. It has become so complex, expensive and exclusive during the last ten years, even getting listed on the search results is well nigh impossible - unless you’ve got a marketing budget the size of a small country.
The average cost of developing a small retail website fit for the job is around £7000. It takes from 6 months to a year to develop. Ongoing costs are usually upwards of £300 a month. And then there’s the cost of marketing, quite frankly a bottomless pit. It’s a huge decision with no guarantees you’ll ever be found by your potential customers.
Selling on Ebay or Amazon isn't cheap either with Amazon taking up to 17% of every transaction - as well as their monthly charges just for you to be there.  
Based on a lifetime of creating ecommerce solutions and effective online marketing, BAGL has emerged as one unique new answer for you.

  • BAGL can get you selling online in ten minutes. If you’re ready, so are we. Right now!
  • BAGL gives you your own unique website instantly.
  • BAGL gives you the world’s favourite infrastructure to sell through. It’s the same one chosen by big names Samsung, Nike and many more.
  • BAGL places all your products into the UK online market within minutes.
  • BAGL has a fully supported infrastructure.
  • No hosting fees.
  • No up-front design fees.
  • Expert support from people who know what works.
  • No search engine optimisation (SEO) costs. We do the SEO for you.

How does BAGL work?


When you want to sell online you can:
Spend a small fortune and lose hundreds of hours trying to understand the technology and your market place. It’s all evolving so quickly, you won't have the time to catch up, let alone keep up.


Choose BAGL !

We've already taken care of the above and a thousand other important things so you can get on with running your business.
With fixed prices per month you could have your products online within the next ten minutes.
Displaying on PC, laptops, mobile phones & tablets using a responsive theme, your new e-commerce website is just waiting for you.
Our solution is perfect for Hairdressers, with catalogs ranging from 1 to 10,000 products. BAGL has it in the bag.
You don't need to be a web expert to be successful on the web. You do need the right tools though.
You have the products!
At BAGL , we have the affordable tools and the expert knowledge.
Join BAGL today.  When things get this easy, you’ll be so glad you did.