Q. How many products can I add to my account?

A. As many as you like. We'll even create a menu structure for you so your products are easy to find.

Q. Is there an advantage to displaying my products in a shop with other retailers?

A. We believe there is yes. Because BAGL is growing quickly Google are more likely to see it as a Hub type site with lots of new products being added all the time. Everyday Google visits BAGL .

Q. Apart from my subscription fee are there any other costs involved in setting my account up?

A. No. However there is a fee for to pay when a customer purchases via PayPal . PayPal charges UK sellers a fee of between 1.4% and 3.4% of the total sale plus 20p per transaction within the UK. The fee depends on how much you sell, so the more you sell, the less you pay.If you were selling using your own PayPal account the fee's would be the same.

Q. Is there a contract I have to sign.

A. We do take new retailers on a 12 month contract after which you can decide if you want to continue.

Q. How do I gat paid?

A. When an order is placed on BAGL you will receive funds into your bank account as soon as your purchasers funds are cleared. Usually the same day.

Q.What happens if someone buys from me and I can't deliver the goods?

A. OK apart from being a bad experience for a customer of yours (not good) We can do a 100% refund instantly to your client.

Q. Can I sell Adult toys on BAGL ?

A. No Our policy is very simple we will not allow you to sell Adult goods or any goods which could be conceived by the public to be in bad taste or offensive. If we feel that your products are not in line with our policy we will remove them and let you know the reason why. Persistent offenders will have their account suspended.

Q. Can I get Google analytics reports on my products and pages?

A. Yes we will send you a monthly or weekly report showing your engagement with Google users.


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